For four generations Weyauwega Star Dairy has taken pride
in being Wisconsin's Finest. Our products are crafted from
the finest ingredients and exacting qualities that you'll taste
in every bite. Enjoy Wisconsin's Finest cheese and dairy

- The Knaus Family

Cheese Caring Tips

Weyauwega Star Dairy Cheese Caring Tips
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Cheese Pairing Guide

We enjoy eating and drinking, but can we improve on how we are pairing our dishes and cheeses? To help us pair the best beverages with the best foods and cheeses here is a great guide what to pair with … Continue reading

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You want to start by selecting the best quality cheese, no matter what variety you’re buying. Here are some tips: Cheese should have a fresh, clean appearance with no cracks or surface mold. Be sure the packaging is sealed properly, … Continue reading

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After arriving home with your new cheese finds, remember the three C’s of cheese handling. Clean: Because cheese easily absorbs other flavors, keep it away from other aromatic foods in the refrigerator. Cold: Refrigerate cheese between 34° and 38°F. Covered: … Continue reading

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